Kusal Misra

I am Kusal Misra, a practising advocate in Midnapore. Two years back in December 2014, I met an accident due to which my right leg broke completely. My leg was operated at a renowned hospital at Visakhapatnam. Initially, everything was alright but after a lapse of 8 months some issues cropped up. It was revealed that the operation was wrongly performed. I had to undergo operation again at a well-known hospital in Chennai. Unfortunately, something went wrong this time also and I suffered from serious infection. I had a good friend Dr. Debabrata Saha in Kolkata who introduced me to Dr.Amrish Kumar Jha and finally my treatment was done successfully. I am indebted to Dr. Jha because after being treated by him for the last couple of months and undergoing operation by him, I can walk freely. I cannot imagine a life without mobility. Thank you, Dr. Jha.