Sports knee issues

Sports injuries are not uncommon. Any part of the body like shoulder, leg, neck, knee and ankle can be prone to damage. And sports injury treatment may involve exercises, physical therapy, medication and even surgery.

The common sports injuries are:
1. Runner’s knee:Runner’s knee refers to a number of pains and aches that are related to the kneecap. Strike cyclists, people who play football, basketball and swimmers may have this type of injury. A sports injury doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication and advise you to rest for some days.

2. Ankle sprain: When the ligaments in the ankle tear or they get stretched too much, ankle sprain happens. People who are involved in a lot of jumping and have chances of stepping on someone’s foot like while playing basketball, soccer, volleyball etc. may be prone to ankle sprain. Ankle strengthening exercises like ankle lifts on stairs or putting on a lace-up brace can help prevent such sprain.

3. Tennis or golf elbow: Tennis elbow is the pain that occurs on the outside of the arm, where the forearm meets the elbow. The main cause of tennis elbow is any repetitive activity that strains the muscles surrounding the elbow. Anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by an orthopedic physician may help, but physiotherapy and sometimes prolonged rest works.

4. Groin Strain:When a person experiences pain in the strained groin, that is the muscles situated in the upper thigh. Swelling, bruises on the inside of the thigh and sharp pain are the usual symptoms. One of the best ways to prevent groin strain is stretching properly before exercising and strengthening the groin muscles.

5. Conclusion: This is also one of the most common sports injuries. Often, a blow to the head results in concussion. A person does not necessarily lose consciousness in concussion. If someone experiences multiple episodes of concussion, it is better to refrain from contact sports.

Besides the above-mentioned, the other sports related injuries are pulled muscle, shoulder injury, hamstring strain, knee injury, wrist injury, wrist fractures, hip fracture, frozen shoulder, hammer toe, heel pain, elbow fracture etc.An orthopedic doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating sports injuries and conditions, must be consulted to know about and treat any particular sports injury.