Niramaya – Jha’s Superspeciality Centre For Orthopaedics

Niramaya - Jha’s Superspeciality Centre For Orthopaedics

Niramaya – Jha’s Superspeciality Centre For Orthopaedics located in Kolkata, West Bengal is established with the goal of providing comprehensive and world-class orthopaedic services. With cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly-qualified doctors & orthopedic surgeon and dedicated healthcare professionals, we try to render superior patient experience in all areas of healthcare. Our team of experts includes some of the best orthopaedic doctors & surgeons, who are trained at the top centres worldwide and their continuous research, experience and success stories have helped us to become a recognized and reputed name in the healthcare sector.

Leading the team of doctors is Dr Amrish kumar Jha, MS in orthopaedics. He has many degrees, medals and miracle treatments to his credit. As Dr A K Jha completed his Master’s and started practicing Orthopaedics in the heart of Kolkata, he realized that providing quality care is not possible with the thought of cost. The so-called slogan of most of the hospitals is really difficult to put in practice. He dreamt of creating a place where the fundamental right of a person, that is, health can be delivered in world-class quality in affordable cost. As his experience of life and profession grew, he realized that his dream can be fulfilled by establishing a super specialty centre oriented mostly to Orthopedic specialist, which was his specialization. This hospital would be providing simply the best in terms of international standards, affordable cost & high level of infrastructure. The result is Niramaya – Jha’s Superspeciality Centre For Orthopaedics.

As he says, “Trust me, trust my vision, trust my years of experience of serving you, trust my ability to cater you the best services in all aspects and give us a chance to serve you. You would love to be associated with us if it’s really needed in your bad times in the form of poor health.”

Our Radiology department, spear – headed by clinical Radiologist Dr Nandini thakur Jha, is one of the most advanced in the country. We also have some of the most experienced physical therapists to provide consultation on physiotherapy treatment.


Our vision is to become the best hospital in providing state-of-art orthopaedic services. We dream to provide innovative healthcare solutions to the community we serve. Our vision to emerge Niramaya – Jha’s Superspeciality Centre For Orthopaedics as a reputed centre of excellence is based on certain human values like respect, trust, accountability, professionalism, efficiency, teamwork and of course, compassion.


Our mission is to reach out to as many patients as possible by providing them the best clinical practice, surgical expertise, world-class infrastructure and cost-effective healthcare solutions. As we recognize that every patient is unique and valuable, we truly strive to meet their individual requirements. By doing so and keeping abreast with the latest developments in the field of orthopaedics, we want to lead by example.