Dr Nandini thakur Jha

Dr Nandini Thakur Jha is a renowned and experienced clinical radiologist. She is an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) in Radiodiagnosis. She has worked on various imaging modalities including ultrasonography, colour Doppler study, CT scan, MRI during three years of residency. She has a special interest in musculoskeletal imaging. She completed her MD at NRS Medical College and Hospital and worked as a Clinical Research Associate in Fortis Healthcare.
With immense knowledge in radiodiagnosis, Dr Nandini Thakur Jha is presently working in the Niramaya Care Hospital serving many patients and curing their lives in her own way.

Radiodiagnosis or Radiology is a branch of medical science that focuses on the use of radiation, magnetic resonance and ultrasound as therapeutic, diagnostic and research tools in medicinal practices. Radiodiagnosis is related to physiology, pathology, anatomy and interventional procedures.